Member question: So I had to chase the toddler for two blocks today. 🙇🏼‍♀️ she doesn’t respond to “stop.” And I know not to run or she will run, so it was a slow walk with her laughing at me because I was trying to catch up. How I got her to stop was I said the name of her daycare teacher…let’s go see miss x… then she stops. I think she knows what stop means. It was just more fun to have mommy chase her. I’m worried that girl is not gonna stop when it’s a dangerous situation. I tried introducing red means stop, green means go, because in the car she asks me at every stop light if we are there yet. I tell her no mommy has a red stop, ok now mommy has a green go. Maybe I can make a game with that to get her to stop! 🤦🏼‍♀️ omg so stressful.

Rachel’s Response: Although this is NOT a laughing matter AT ALL… It is absolutely helpful to make a game (like you suggest) out of when she needs to stop. The point isn’t to make this situation “fun.” The game works because she’s seeking stimulation and power, and a game can give her both.

For example, you can have her run back and forth a certain number of times to a tree or other object nearby (away from parking lot)… You can have her tell YOU when to stop and go… You can have her hold your arm and you move the direction she tells you to… You can have her walk like different animals (show her how to make big movements like a monkey, or an elephant, etc.)… You can have her tell you a different word every time she takes a step… You can have her walk in patterns (baby step, then GIANT step, etc.)