You need a simple, practical parenting plan that WORKS. 



 You want your children to do what they’re supposed to do (even if they don’t feel like it). 

You want your kids to be able to get through a day — heck, even a few hours — without melting down.


You’re tired of  your kids’ behaviors and emotions ruling your home.




and you’d like someone to tell you EXACTLY how to make that happen. 

(And it wouldn’t hurt if you had a plan that helped you and your spouse get on the same page!)






If this is true for you, then


You are in the right place.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Your children don’t listen until you yell

or take away everything they care about.

(And even that’s not working so well anymore.)

You struggle to get your kids out of the house in the morning, to get them to bed at night, and to get them to take care of things around the house.

Things need to get done, but instead of cooperation, you’re dealing with defiance, disrespect, negotiations, and power struggles.

You cannot go anywhere without

your children bickering and competing with each other.


Car rides, grocery store trips, and even vacations (a vacation with kids?! ha!) have become battle grounds with everyone on different sides

… sometimes even you and your spouse.

You deal with meltdowns and tantrums way too often.

Your children lose it when you ask them to get off of the electronics, or when you tell them they can’t go to their friend’s house because they didn’t do their homework…

They even melt down because the cup they wanted is in the dishwasher or you made the “wrong” dinner (even after they told you that’s what they wanted!).

You’re starting to dread

spending long periods of time with your kids.


You feel depleted and resentful.

And then comes the guilt. You know you’re supposed to enjoy your kids. You WANT to enjoy your kids.

But often that just seems impossible.

You need things to be different.

But you’re not sure how to make that happen. 


You’ve read books and blogs. You’ve tried every strategy and tool you’ve read about or can think of… and then some.

But nothing has worked in the long run. And then life gets in the way and everyone falls back into old habits.

And you’re back where you started, feeling helpless, hopeless, and depleted.

What if it doesn’t have to be that way?

What if your kids listened the first time you asked them to do something…


… so they finally get ready in the morning and go to bed when they’re supposed to…

…and you can finally END the power struggles and negotiations, make it to places on time,and maybe even get some time to yourself in the evenings?

What if your kids learned to handle disappointment and frustration…


…so they can be flexible when they didn’t get their way, even when it’s time to leave a friend’s house or you ask them to get off of the electronics…

…and you can finally STOP walking on eggshells and worrying that they’ll never be able to handle life?

What if your kids felt good enough about themselves…


…that they didn’t need to compete with siblings

…and they could handle new situations with confidence

…and you can finally STOP stressing about how your kids were going to behave and what others were thinking about them?

What if you could actually enjoy your kids …


...because they were no longer complaining or trying to control the situation

…and you can finally START creating the happy memories that so many other families seem to be experiencing?


What if you could work with a parenting expert to build step-by-step plan

— tailored to your family and your lifestyle — 

that taught you what to say and do to make that happen?

This is all possible.



This is why I created Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy.

I am Rachel Bailey. 

There are some things I’d like you to know about me:


1. I’m not a good cook. My house isn’t particularly clean. I have zero fashion sense.

What I AM good at — and, if I’m being honest, what I’ve been good at my entire life — is  understanding why kids (and adults) do what they do. People’s behavior just always made sense to me, even when it baffled others. 

And I’ve honed this skill over the years as I’ve earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as an ADHD Coach, in-home intensive in-home mentor, and psychotherapist.

These days I use my “super power” to work with parents to figure out exactly why children do the frustrating, illogical things they do… and I use this information to show parents how to improve kids’ behavior, confidence, resilience, and motivation.

I feel so grateful that this skill has helped me completely change (for the better!) the dynamics in hundreds of families. 


2. I am a busy, filled-to-my-capacity mom myself.

I know that if I’m going to make changes in my life, I need someone to tell me EXACTLY what to do in a way that is both systematic and practical.

I also need someone to check in to make sure I’m staying on track… because I honestly sometimes feel so overwhelmed that I don’t address even the things that matter to me.

So I’ve built the Parenting Academy to be exactly what I need as a busy parent when I want things to change, but I don’t have much extra time or energy.

And I am confident that the Academy will be what you need if you want:

Real world, practical parenting advice from an expert who understands that

life is overwhelming and that you might be feeling hopeless and depleted and resentful and guilty

… and that you can’t handle feeling any worse.


In Your First 30 Days of Membership,

You Receive Individualized Parenting Support: 


 You and I will work together in a 90-minute, LIVE, one-one-one session to create a plan that meets YOUR needs in YOUR family.

I will walk you through a system that I have used over the past decade to help hundreds of families create more peace, flexibility, and connection in their homes.

Your plan will include clear goals and practical action steps to help you meet those goals.


Although your plan will include action steps, you may need help implementing those steps. You’ll receive mini-lessons (5-10 minutes) & other resources to ensure that you know what to SAY and DO to make your plan work.


You have a lot going on in your life! I get it. I’ll keep you on track by reaching out regularly AND helping you conquer the obstacles that prevent you from being the parent you want to be.

When you join, you’ll also receive ongoing group support that you can access

for as long as you remain a member of the Academy! 


This support includes:



Your plan will include scripts and phrases (that demonstrate what to say and do) so that you know how to handle even the most parenting frustrating situations.


Receive text messages with inspirational / motivational quotes to remind you to stay on track, even on your most difficult parenting days.

No slipping back into old habits that you regret!


Join a community of other parents who understand exactly what you’re going through.

Ask questions at any time and receive answers from me, guest experts, and other parents.


Participate in live events (that take place in the evenings using video conferencing software) that teach you how to handle a challenging behavior or how to use a new parenting tool.

Guest experts (sleep specialists, feeding specialists) will also offer trainings as well.


Ask me your parenting questions live and I’ll answer them on the spot.

Q&As are done by Facebook posts so you can read/learn from other parents’ questions as well.


The 4-Day Focus: Academy members focus on one SIMPLE action meant to make parenting less stressful.

Yuck Dumps:  Dumping our parenting Yuck helps us feel less alone… and helps us move beyond the that big emotions that often hold us back as parents.


STEP 1: Schedule your live, 90-minute plan-building session with me.

Before the live meeting, I will ask you to complete a some questions about your family so that we can use our time together to jump immediately into problem-solving and solution-finding so that you can finally see changes in your family. 

STEP 2: For 30 days after our meeting, receive one-on-one AND group support. 

After the session you will receive:

~ An online version of your parenting plan that you keep forever.

Because it lives on line, you can access the plan from anywhere at any time.

~ 30 days of implementation support + accountability 

That means I’ll send you mini-lessons (5-10 minutes each) to help you implement your plan, check in with you via email, and make sure that you are successful with the goals we set in your plan. 

~All Ongoing Parenting Support features 

You receive access to parenting scripts and phrases, live events, the private Facebook group, text message reminders, on-demand resources, and reduced fees on in-person sessions for as long as you remain a member of the Academy. 


After your first 30 days, continue to receive ongoing group support to help you stay on track. 



$250/first month


Our 90-minute session

+ forever access to your parenting plan

+ a month of implementation support

+ a month of regular accountability/check-ins

+ all Ongoing Group Support features of the Academy

$35/month thereafter

Includes all Ongoing Group Support features of the Academy:

~Parenting Scripts + Phrases to Use

~Text message Reminders

~Private Facebook group where you can ask questions at any time

~Live trainings (from me and other guest experts)

~Live Q&As to get your questions answered on the spot

~Live member events meant to make parenting less stressful

~Reduced fees on live sessions 

(If you need further one-on-one support after the first 30 days, I can provide that via a VIP membership for $99/month.

We can decide together if this option is right for you.) 

I will be honest that Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy

is not for everyone.


Getting RESULTS requires you to put in time and effort. 

It’s not a passive program. You’ll have to fill out worksheets, try strategies and report back to me. I’ll be working HARD with you (communicating on a regular basis, helping you figure this parenting thing out!), but you do need to be actively involved.  

SEEING CHANGE requires you to make changes. 

In the Academy, you will learn tools for improving your child’s behavior, mood, and motivation. But you must be willing to make take action and make changes. Reading about / listening to solutions is not the same as implementing solutions.


However, the Academy is a good fit for YOU

if you answer “yes” to the following questions: 


Do you have at least 1 hour per week to dedicate to learning and trying parenting strategies?

Are you willing to make changes yourself to improve your relationship with your child?

Are you tired of worrying about and being frustrated by your children?

Do you wish someone would just tell you what to do to create positive change (and help you stay on track) so you FINALLY see results? 

Answers to Questions About 

Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy

How does the Academy work?

As a member of the Academy, you receive direct support from me, a parenting expert.

FIRST we’ll create a plan that
a.) helps you clarify your parenting goals
b.) tells you exactly what to do to meet those goals so that you can feel confident in your ability to raise responsible, resilient kids.

(Here is a video that explains how the plan gets built.)

But we all know that no change would happen if things ended there!

ONCE YOU COMPLETE THE PLAN, you receive extra support (including one month of individual support for FREE!) to make sure your plan works for YOU. You will also have access to live trainings and events, parenting scripts, and motivational texts.

You only participate in the parts of the program that are valuable for you. (Any of them individually will provide reinforcement for the plan that we create together.)

How much time will I need for the Academy?

Our session together will last 90 minutes.

After that session, you should plan at least 1 hour a week for Academy lessons and activities.

During our session, we will work together to find that time in your busy schedule (and overcome any obstacles that you foresee).

How is this different than what I've already tried before?

Although you may have tried implementing parenting strategies before, you probably have not had a parenting expert in your back pocket — someone who will help you apply theoretical strategies to your unique circumstances.

My job is to work with you to find strategies that WORK for YOU in a way that fits your lifestyle… and to ensure that you don’t fall back into old patterns when life becomes distracting and overwhelming.

What if I just want to have traditional meetings with you?

I will still have “traditional” meetings with parents, but unfortunately I don’t have the space on my calendar to meet with non-Academy members.

The good news is that as an Academy member, you can meet with me and pay less than I used to charge non-Academy members ($175/hour).

  • Members of the “Group Support” program pay only $115 for a 60-minute meeting, no matter how many times we meet in one month.
  • Members of the “Individual Support” program pay only $75 for a 60-minute meeting, no matter how many times we meet in one month.

You may join the Academy simply for this money-saving purpose.

Do I have to participate in community events to benefit from the Academy?

Participation in community events is encouraged, as the Facebook group and events are created to build your confidence in implementing your plan.

Although it is not required, most members do participate in at least one event per month. Those who join have told me that they receive the most value for their membership.

However, even if you do not want to participate in the events, you will still receive parenting scripts and other tips via email and in the Facebook group.

What age should my children be to get the most benefit from the Academy?

Because your parenting plan will be personalized, your children can range from 2-20 years old.

Most members of the community have children who range in age from 3-14.

How long do most parents spend in the Academy?

Although your journey will depend on your needs and the situations you face, most parents spend 3-4 months in the Individual Support program where they receive personalized lessons and can practice skills until they become more automatic and natural. Once they feel calmer and more in control, they join the Group Support program to receive ongoing support (since new things come up and children change!) for $35/month — much less than a cup of coffee per day.

However, you do not have to receive any ongoing support after our initial meeting… and you may cancel your subscription at any time.

How do I cancel my membership if I want to?

Simply let me know that you’re ready to leave the Academy or cancel yourself from your own membership page.


How do I get started?

To sign up for your Personalized Parenting Plan-building session, click the button below.


What happens once I schedule an appointment?

  1. You’ll receive a pre-session video so you can learn how to start making changes in your family right away
  2. I will send you an Initial Questions form and use your responses to build the template for your Personalized Parenting Plan so we can jump in as soon as we meet!


My husband said you made so much sense and said he really like you and your way of thinking. Coming from him this is a HUGE compliment.  We even got to put into practice your tools for the “monotous task” of homework laat night and it worked!

I love reading your materials!    I try to hear you in the back of my mind when I am about to lose my calm with my children. So pretty much daily.  (WWRD?  What would Rachel do?)

I have really appreciated all the tips! I do believe it’s helped me to interact with my children in a more calm and respectful way. Thank you for helping us achieve some meaningful improvements in our family interactions.

My son has made so much progress.  I constantly refer back to your method.  Other people comment on how much his character has grown.  But most importantly, he himself told me that he doesn’t understand why, but he used to not feel loved.  Like everyone didn’t like him.  And he doesn’t know why he felt that way because now he feels so loved and so special.  What more validation as a mom could I ask for.  Coming to you was a great decision because you helped me make my son FEEL loved not just BE loved.

Are you ready to experience positive changes in your family?

Would you like to ask me anything before joining?