Member question:

Our 1st grader seems to “lose it” at the end of the school year. In Kindergarten, this meant that she completely backtracked in school behavior after seeming to turn a corner and be on the right track. This year, it means freaking out about the easiest distance learning jobs and dragging her feet/purposely stalling so that even light work days take for-ev-er. She’s been able to put into words one time today that she has mixed emotions about the school year ending. I’m wondering if it’s like when they release an animal in a movie and the human yells at the animal to get it to leave. Like, “I never liked you anyway! Go!” Like being mad is better than being sad? I don’t know. Any insight as far as seeing something like this before. It feels tied to her emotions about the year ending, rather than being-good fatigue.


Rachel’s response:

Absolutely sometimes kids default to negative behavior when they are feeling confused or sad inside! That’s very normal, even if not helpful.😉 Consider doing some more regular Yuck dumps with her and teaching her new ways to deal with her emotions… Right now, I have a feeling that she genuinely doesn’t know another way to act.

Also do think about the deposits that are happening in her life right now. There are lots of withdrawals for her with the school year ending.