Tool for Long-Term Change:

How To Identify Which Rules To Enforce


1. List ALL of the rules that are important to you. 

2. Decide on a certain number of tools you can consistently follow through with.

If you are already fairly consistent with following through and your kids listen to you most of the time…

Choose 3-5 rules that
~align with issues that keep coming up over and over
~align most with your values.

If you need to re-build (or build) your authority because you’re not consistent and your kids don’t usually listen…

Choose 1-3 rules that
~don’t have too much Yuck associated with them
~don’t have a time constraint 
~are related to tools that you can teach ahead of time 




Fostering Responsible Behavior
Handling Tantrums & Strong Emotions
Improving Your Child’s Self Esteem
Reducing Your Child’s Anxiety
Improving sibling relationsihps



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Coming soon

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