Reduce the Dramatic Behavior and Big Emotions in Your Home: The Long-Term Solution

Ready for fewer meltdowns and more peace in your home not only now… but in the future?

Learn the exact steps to achieve that in your home. 

When you join the class ($300), you’ll receive:

  • Your “Handling the Dramatic Behavior and Big Emotions In Your Home” training. 4 lessons will be emailed to you over 4 weeks starting Monday, October 14.
  • An accompanying workbook that includes each lesson + exercises to help you apply the information + a roadmap to help you create your personal plan
  • 2 live, interactive Q&A calls to answer your questions
  • An additional month of free support via my online Parenting Academy once the class is over — including another live training, the ability to ask me questions any
    time, and other resources to help you stay on track.

I can’t wait to help you improve the

tone in your home!