Member question:

My three-year-old son is having tantrums galore, mostly about changing clothes. He demands my husband do everything for him, and tells me to go away. To the extent that if I even try to do the simplest of tasks with him, a tantrum is thrown.

Rachel’s response:

Those tantrums are never fun. I’m glad they’re getting shorter on the whole. They should continue to decrease in intensity and duration as you let them continue to happen (instead of avoiding them) without getting sucked in… And then kiddos realize that they can handle their big emotions because we can handle their big emotions.

Remember to change how you’re seeing the tantrum if at all possible. If you see it as a threat, it will seem much worse. Not easy, I know! That’s why I think we all have to help each other get through this. (I definitely reach out for support in handling my big emotion child as well.)