Member question: One of my twins always want to play with someone and has an easier time making friends while the other one can play by herself and so she doesn’t put herself out there to make friends as easily. She seems a little sad about not having made any friends yet. What can I do to help her branch out?

Rachel’s response: I would connect and correct. Connect by asking her what it’s like for her that she hasn’t made friends. Let her know that you understand how she feels. Then ask her if she wants to talk about ways to make friends.

At her age, she’s prime for role plays. And role plays are really huge when a child isn’t as confident because in the moment, they “forget” what to do unless they’ve practiced it before. It almost has to be like muscle memory in the moment!

She can role play  going up to kids and asking them their names… then asking them if they want to play… how to walk up to a group of kids and say, “Can I join you?”
You can have her practice both roles. Having her be the child that she walks up to can help her feel more powerful AND give her an idea of what it feels like to be on the opposite end.