Question from member: Food is a huge trigger for me. I hate when food is wasted. This morning did not go well…I yelled at my 6 year old because he claimed to not like the yogurt he has had many times in his life after taking just one bite. What do you guys do when your kids have one bite of something and not want it anymore? Do you not fight your kids on food? I need to figure out why this bothers me so much!

Reply from nutrition expert: I have lots of advice on this. I love that you realize that your child not eating/wasting is triggering you. Of course typing on FB isn’t the easiest way to get to the bottom of things since we can’t have a conversation. However, here are some blog posts that might be helpful:

What to do when your child boycotts certain foods

Children do best being in charge of what and how much to eat

Why trying to control your child’s food never goes well

Hope these help!

Reply from member: Thanks for these resources. Although food is a trigger for me, I try to be very conscience of not forcing foods or making him finish his meal if he says he’s full. He’s, in general, a very good eater and always willing to try new foods. I appreciate the first article and I suppose his reasoning for not eating his yogurt this morning is valid…he didn’t like the flavor. I guess I just need to be more conscience of what flavors we do have in the house and know which ones he doesn’t like. Usually he picks his own yogurt, but with the time crunch sometimes, he had one picked for him this morning. It was definitely my own yuck working against me. I will definitely keep all of these tips in mind for the future though.

Reply from nutrition expert: Glad it was helpful! Another thing you could do is throw a few different flavors in the table and then he can choose that way too. You never know you could give him that flavor choice next week or next month or next year and he could love it. It’s the fun times of trying to feed kiddos ? The more autonomy he has the better he will do!

Question from member B: How about just not eating? My 5 year hardly eats and it has been going on since she was a baby. She is always cranky I think due to hunger, but since she is not underweight her doctor won’t help.

Reply from member A: Can you supplement with pediasure or something with protein just to make sure she’s getting enough nutrients? And maybe help pad the belly?

Reply from member B: No, she won’t drink it. Strictly milk or water. Just this year I was able to get her to take a chewable vitamin. Before I had to hide a powder in her milk.

Reply from nutrition expert: This would need a more through assessment to see what is getting in the way of her eating. Couple general things to look at – are you having consistent meals and snacks that are structured, are you pressuring her to eat at meals or snacks, is she coming to the table hungry, are you giving her variety at the table, is she serving herself or choosing what goes on her plate?

Reply from member C: I have this issue too. ?

Reply from member B: So stressful! And thank you, nutrition expert. These are not really yes or no answers for her. I do not pressure her at meals, we usually talk number of bites and that is it. Her day meals are structured, evening not so much do to our work schedules and commute. If I offer her a variety it just sits out and goes bad. She simply will only eat limited options. I have not tried letting her pick when we go grocery shopping yet.