Members’ comment: Still struggling with my 5 year old with listening and respect. I feel like she has not grasped the concept of respect, but what other ways do I work with her on it. We talk about it when I see it happen or when she would get a bad report from daycare. We read books about it and have done role playing. She was visiting my sister-in-law last week and on 3 occasions was disrespectful to my sister-in-law’s neighbors. I do not think she realized how she used her words was disrespectful, but I need to get her to start realizing it. She starts kindergarten next week and I am worried.

Rachel’s response:  I can imagine this is so frustrating, especially when you’re so clearly working with her on it!
My instinct is that because you’re working with her so hard on it, she probably *knows* the importance of respect if you’ve told her about it over and over… but in the moment it’s hard for her to BE respectful. (For example, even as adults we *know* we shouldn’t yell, but when we’re up-to-our-eyeballs in big emotions, it just comes out…)
When she is disrespectful, what’s going on for HER? I have a feeling that getting into her world little more may be part of the solution.