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Cooking and Baking With Your Kids

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I found this article that offers some really great suggestions for how to make cooking and food fun for kids:

Do you have any games or rituals you have with your kids around cooking or baking with your kids?

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We have checked out different kids cookbooks and I let her pick any recipe she wants to try. Then we shop for the ingredients and make it.  

Also when I am cooking, I try to think of something simple she can do to get her involved.  For example, I taught her recently how to properly cut open, de-seed and scoop an avocado. Now she always makes our guacamole!  

She also can measure out ingredients for me when I am preparing.  And she loves to crack eggs-lol. 

I am lucky, she is usually pretty willing to help out if I ask her to! 

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@jenwhitt These are great ideas! I think the more we ask them to be involved, the more they enjoy doing it (and hopefully eating the healthy stuff too!).