Parenting by Deposit: The Solution for Raising RESPONSIBLE, RESILIENT Children

Course Overview:

“The Solution for Raising Responsible, Resilient Children” video below, which explains the Parenting by Deposit model, is the foundation on which all of the tips, tools, and strategies in this Academy are built.

Please watch this video to build your general understanding of why kids do the (crazy! frustrating!) things they do and the solution for fostering more responsible behavior and resilience in our children.



The video is a little less than an hour long. Because you may not have that much time to watch the video watch all at once, here are some good places to take a break:

  • At 16:46, right before the discussion of The Yuck Factor
  • At 31:15, right before Part II (the Solution)
  • At 39:42, right before Part III (What This Looks Like)





The weekly scripts and live trainings will go deeper into each of these steps of the Parenting by Deposit model.

However, if you don’t want to wait, below are resources that can help you dive deeper into each step of Parenting by Deposit.

Deposit in the Moment: Using Calm, Connect, Correct

Deposit Proactively into “BE FIRM”: Enforce Rules Consistently

Deposit Proactively into “BE FIRM”: Handle Kids’ Yuck

Deposit Proactively into “BE FIRM”: Handle Your Yuck

Deposit Proactively into “BE RESPECTFUL”: Deposit into Emotional Needs

Deposit Proactively into “BE RESPECTFUL”: Identify Reasons for Behavior

Proactive Deposit into “BE RESPECTFUL”: Identify and Teach Tools