Tips from Caroline Milton, Owner of The Transformation Table

Fueling a Life With Energy


Learn steps to implement in order to better manage stress, improve your energy, and enhance your overall experience of health. Learn how to get the entire family involved to build habits for a better future!

Caroline Milton

The owner of The Transformation Table, Caroline Milton, CHC, works to deliver life-changing transformational habit change for clients who are tired of being tired and who are ready to embrace a future where they partner with their body to increase their energy. After experiencing corporate burnout in the world of manufacturing, Caroline made it her mission to equip high-achieving parents to understand and manage stress, and implement behaviors and habits to support a better baseline of well-being. Caroline lives in Kansas City with her husband and son, with whom she loves to explore nature and partake in nightly dance parties. Current faves include the Madagascar 2 and Hamilton soundtracks. To learn more, please visit