Interview with Guest Expert

Nathan Webb, School Counselor & Bullying Expert

Addressing Bullying & the Impact of Social Media on Children

In this interview, Nathan and I discussed:
  • What bullying is and isn’t
  • What you as parent can do if your child is being bullied… or the bully
  • Why social media isn’t a great idea, and how you can motivate children to not be on it

Nathan Webb

Nate Web is a speaker and professional school counselor who specializes in bullying and resiliency. From his own experiences being bullied as a kid, and from his studies as a professional school counselor, Nate founded Bullies Be Gone, a media platform to help empower kids to get over bullies, get off social media, and to love their lives. Nate is PASSIONATE about helping kids see their worth, and speaks all around to help save the kids.
Find him on INSTA; @bulliesbe.gone