Interview with Shannon Acheson,

Author of “Home Made Lovely”

Stop the Stress Eating Cycle

Listen to my interview with Stacey and learn why stress eating isn’t the real problem, why that’s a good thing, and what to do about it.

Stacey Vulakh

Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach

Stacey Vulakh is a specializes in helping entrepreneur moms stop stress eating so they can finally feel in control around food. Her program teaches women how to lose weight while eating their favorite foods — all with zero guilt.

A dieter and stress eater for two-plus decades, Stacey understands the extremely complicated relationship many women have with their bodies and food, and the ripple effect of shame and guilt. 

Leveraging a Master’s degree, certification in integrative nutrition, and extensive experience, Stacey offers solutions for overcoming and ending the diet cycle once and for all.