Tips from Guest Experts

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meant to reduce your stress as a parent!

QUICK TIPS: Playful Learning

Melissa Droegemueller, Early Education Adviser talks about how you can make learning fun to improve kids’ motivation and ability to learn! 

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QUICK TIPS: Bedtime Fading

Bonnie Dimmick, Pediatric Sleep Consultant, suggests a strategy to help reduce bedtime battles and get your child falling asleep faster!

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QUICK TIPS: Help Your Child Understand What They Are Reading

Kim Creigh, Reading Consultant for busy moms, offers suggestions to help you improve your child’s reading comprehension

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QUICK TIPS: Fueling a Life with Energy

Guest expert Caroline Milton, owner of The Tranformation Table will teach you steps to implement in order to better manage stress, improve your energy, and enhance your overall experience of health. Learn how to get the entire family involved to build habits for a better future!

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QUICK TIPS: Because Self-Care Is Never Selfish

Jessica Treatwell, Personal Trainer, Occupational Therapist, and Health Coach will explain why self-care is not selfish (and how to fit it in!) 

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GUEST EXPERT INTERVIEW: Raising Racially Conscious Children

Guest expert Ebone’ Granger shares tips for teaching children to be racially conscious… and how to address situations when your child is not acting consistently with the values you’re teaching.

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GUEST EXPERT INTERVIEW: Talking to Teachers to Foster a Successful Year

Guest expert Jessica Bradley, Academic Coach and former teacher, gives insider tips on curriculum, testing, and parent-teacher dynamics.

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Guest expert Dr. Orlena Kerek, pediatrician and family healthy eating coach, offers tips for how to make mealtimes less stressful when you’re raising a picky eater.

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GUEST EXPERT INTERVIEW: When To Say Yes (and No) to Online Games and Social Media Apps

Guest expert Lisa Honold, Director of the Center for Online Safety, Lisa gives us some tips for how to determine whether to say yes or no to online games and apps. 

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GUEST EXPERT INTERVIEW: The Basics of Decluttering

Join me and Shannon as we chat through some commonly-asked decluttering questions. In the process, you will learn how to finally get a handle on the often overwhelming clutter that seems to pile up in our busy homes.


GUEST EXPERT INTERVIEW: Stop the Stress Eating Cycle

Listen to my interview with Stacey and learn why stress eating isn’t the real problem, why that’s a good thing, and what to do about it.