How to Use This Website


Of course there are no RULES for how to use this website, but I wanted to offer some suggestions that might make the best use of your time!

(Note that I am adding content to this site all the time. As you click on each section of the website you will see the content that is coming soon.)



Consider Using the Website In This Order


1. Start on the Help for Specific Behaviors tab.

On this tab you’ll learn how to effectively (and respectfully) address common frustrating issues that you face. 


2. Check out some of the Scripts and Tips that relate to situations you face on a regular basis.

These scripts will provide a demonstrate of the strategies that I recommend.


3. As you have time, check out the lessons in the Parenting by Deposit Roadmap.

This Roadmap teaches you a step-by-step “big picture” strategy for motivating more responsible behavior while setting a foundation for healthy self-esteem and resilience. 

Even though this is a pretty comprehensive roadmap, lessons are broken down into small sections so you don’t have to spend too long on any one part.


4. Visit the Resources page

This page offers “quick wins” (tips you can implement right away) and explanations of strategies that will make parenting easier — and your home more peaceful.


Where To Go for YOUR Needs


If you are looking for….

…RESOURCES that I’ve referred to in workshops, visit the Resources page.

…SOLUTIONS for specific behaviors your children are exhibiting, visit the Help for Specific Behaviors page.

…an OVERVIEW of how to handle children’s behavior without crushing their spirit, visit the Parenting by Deposit Roadmap.

…a DEMONSTRATION of words and phrases to use when interacting with your kids, visit the Scripts and Tips page.

…a place to MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR ACCOUNT (change password, pause/cancel your subscription, visit the My Account page.

…a way to CONTACT ME, visit the Contact Rachel page.

…the COMMUNITY (private Facebook group) where you can ask me questions, join ongoing discussions and stay-up-to date about what’s going on in the community, visit here.