Practical tools for

raising responsible, resilient, confident children


Finding the TIME and ENERGY to make it happen

This isn’t your first time searching for parenting solutions. 


Maybe it’s time to TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT.   

Instead of searching for the BEST or QUICKEST parenting

strategy that will improve your child’s behavior…

get to a better place yourself first. 


~ Address the overwhelm (that controls your life) that

comes from a to-do list that is a mile long…

 ~ Decrease the stress from supporting so many other

people (with very few people supporting you) 

 ~ Reduce the mental clutter caused by the thoughts and worries that are constantly gnawing at you 



That’s when you have the TIME and ENERGY to implement

the parenting strategies that will help you motivate change in your children. 

That’s when the good stuff FINALLY happens. 

But here’s the thing…

You will need some energy to make this happen. 

And while your kids may be the most important thing in your life,

they’re not the only thing in your life.

Welcome to Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy, 


where you will find the TIME, ENERGY, and SOLUTIONS for raising responsible, resilient kids.

As a member of the Academy,

you will receive strategies for managing your kids’ behavior and moods


you will receive strategies for managing your overwhelm.  

You’ll learn how to raise children who: 

… do what they’re supposed to do   (brush their teeth, put away their shoes, go to bed) — even when they don’t feel like it

can handle it when things don’t go their way (they lose

a game, they have to go somewhere they don’t want to, you

ask them to get off of their electronics) — without melting

down, becoming disrespectful, or shutting down.

…make good choices (choose homework over texting, say

no to a peer or friend who’s a bad influence) — even when

you’re not around to remind, punish, or nag them.

You’ll also learn how to 

create a time management system that allows you to focus on what’s important AND still fit in the stuff that just HAS TO GET DONE (because you’re managing a house and family and other things too…)

clear the clutter from your mind

gain more energy

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I am Rachel Bailey. 


I will show you exactly how to improve your kids’ behavior, motivation, and mood.


I’ve worked with families for over a decade now, and I’ve taught hundreds of parents how to get kids to

…cooperate more and tantrum less

…how to deal with kids’ anxiety, aggression, low self-esteem, and low motivation

…and how to connect more and power struggle less so family members can actually enjoy each being together (at least most of the time!).

My knowledge comes from 

~my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and years as an adjunct faculty member at a university, teaching undergraduate psychology classes

~my experience working with kids and teens as an ADHD Coach, intensive in-home mentor, and psychotherapist,

~the thousands of families I’ve presented to and hundreds of classes I’ve taught at schools, doctor’s offices, organizations, and corporations. 

But my BIGGEST “education” came from working with parents who, over and over, told me that  

they want to be better parents BUT…

…they’re too exhausted to be consistent with rules and boundaries


 ...they’re too overwhelmed to figure out what to focus on

to make the biggest impact on their kids’ moods and behavior


...they have no energy to enjoy their kids and

feel like all they do is yell, nag, and threaten

This time things will be different.



Because both you and I know that although solutions END with your child being in a better place

…  they start with YOU being in a good place. 

Here’s what one mom told me. 

“This wasn’t just about my kids. This was different. You showed me how to feel like I was in control of my life again.

Helping my kids seemed almost easy after that.” – Melissa, mom of 3

 If you are ready to for your kids to act and feel better (now and in the future)

… and you want an expert in your back pocket, helping YOU

find the space AND emotional energy to parent the way you want to… 

I created this Academy for you.

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Another mom told me: 


I realized pretty early on that things go well with my kids when I’m doing well. I loved the tips you gave me — but even

more, I love how you helped ME get to a better place… so I could give my kids what they needed to do what I needed

them to do. There’s just such a better energy in my home because we ALL have a lot less “Yuck” — including me. And that

makes all the difference.


Step 1: Overcome Your Overwhelm

As a new member, you will start with a LIVE “Overcoming Overwhelm” 3-session training where I walk you through a step-by-step

process to help you feel more in control of your schedule and of your mind. 

(Yes, recordings will be available. BUT if you’re overwhelmed, are you really going to find the time to watch those recordings? I encourage you to try to show up live.) 



The training (which will be a combination of teaching, discussion, and application exercises) will tell you EXACTLY how to 


You’ll learn what causes  your energy drains… and it is NOT just that you don’t have enough time to get everything done!


You will your priorities and learn how to clear the confusion, concerns, and clutter in your head that’s slowing you down


I will teach you time management hacks to optimize your calendar and create more space on your schedule


I will address your obstacles (things like distractions, procrastination, and avoidance) so you get more done in less time 

The next LIVE training will be:

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 12:00PM EST

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 at 12:00PM EST

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 12:00PM EST

Step 2: Once the training is over, you will receive 

your system for improving your kids’ behavior, resilience, and confidence.

(You will have access to parenting resources before then… But I encourage you to focus on reducing your overwhelm first. When you do that, implementing these resources becomes so much easier.) 


You’ll learn ONE model for how to raise responsible, resilient kids (who has time to remember a ton of information?)
that you can use to handle any situation that you face as a parent.
(Bonus: This model will improve your other relationships too!)

This framework is reinforced through:


All resources will reinforce the one parenting framework we focus on.

You will be able to access trainings, documents, and other resources any time you need them.

Age-based tips and topics are discussed. 


You will receive actual scripts and phrases that demonstrate what to say and do… so that you know what it looks like to handle even the most frustrating parenting situations.

No more wondering what to say in the moment! 


Join a community of other parents who get what you’re going through. Participate (or just read) discussions about how parenting is going.

Ask questions at any time and receive answers from me, guest experts, and other parents. 


Join live trainings and Q&A Sessions that take place in the evenings by video…so you can watch in your pjs with a glass of wine! 

Trainings will be run by me and other guest experts and will focus on teaching new tools and strategies (that fit within our framework)… and reinforcing the tools you already have.


The 4-Day Focus: Focus on one SIMPLE action meant to make parenting less stressful. We do these events as a group, supporting and encouraging each other along the way. 

“Let’s Be Real” Discussions: 


Receive text messages with inspirational / motivational quotes to remind you to stay on track, even on your most difficult parenting days.

You will receive these messages around 5:30PM… exactly when most of us need a boost to get us through until bedtime! 




When you join, you will immediately receive an introduction to the Academy so you can get started taking action right away. 

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Is the Academy right for you? Here’s how you’ll know:



~ You want your kids to be internally motivated to make

healthy choices and


~ You want to raise kids who can handle life’s inevitable

obstacles but…

~ Your overwhelm is affecting your parenting 

~ You know things can get better but you need some clear

guidance on how to get there



~You have it all together as a parent

~You want to see drastic change, but you aren’t willing to

put in some time to make it happen

~You don’t believe there is hope that you can get out of

the cycle you’re in 

~You don’t believe that helping kids starts with helping

ourselves first

Answers to Questions About 

Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy

How does the Academy work?

As a member, you receive solutions and support that will help you improve the behavior (and dynamics) in your home.

Immediately upon registration, you will participate in a live, 3-session “Overcoming Overwhelm” training that will help you get to a good place so you can give your kids what they need. 

Once this training is over (and you have more time and energy), you’ll receive access to the on-demand parenting resources and the Facebook group. 

Additional resources — scripts, phrases to use, live events and Q&A sessions — will be delivered on an ongoing basis to help you stay on track!

How much time will I need for the Academy?

Most parents spend about 30 minutes per week using the resources in the Academy.

However, even reading some scripts and phrases (which takes about 5-10 minutes per week) can help you stay on track so you don’t fall back into the parenting habits you regret. 

How is this different than what I've already tried before?

Although you may have tried implementing parenting strategies before, you were likely too overwhelmed and depleted to enforce those strategies consistently… so you didn’t see results. 

In addition you probably have not had a parenting expert / life coach / time management coach in your back pocket — someone who will help you apply theoretical parenting strategies to your unique circumstances, and someone whose job is to make sure YOU’RE doing as well as your children are. 

My job is to work with you to find strategies that help your children while reducing your stress... and to ensure that you don’t fall back into old patterns when life becomes distracting and overwhelming.

What if I just want to have traditional individual consultations with you?

I’m happy to work with you individually! Keep in mind that I will be offering you a lot of support within the Academy: You can ask me questions at any time through the Facebook group, and I will interact with you directly during many live events each month. 

However, if you’d still like to meet one-on-one, You can have as many sessions with me as you’d like.

And as a member of the Academy, you get a discount on 60-minute live consultations with me ($115/hour instead of $150/hour for non-Academy members).

Do I have to participate in community events to benefit from the Academy?

Participation in community events is encouraged, they are created to build your confidence in parenting.

Although it is not required, most members do participate in at least one event per month. Those who join have told me that they receive the most value for their membership.

However, even if you do not want to participate in the events, you can absolutely still benefit from accessing (and receiving) the resources in your own time.

What age should my children be to get the most benefit from the Academy?

I have tips and tools that are relevant for children ages 2-20.

While the Academy’s content will be relevant for parents of children of most ages, there are on-demand resources that relate to children of different ages (preschool, grades K-2, grades 3-6, middle school, teens)

And no matter how old YOUR child is, you can always ask me questions about your situation that I will answer directly. 

How much does the Academy cost?

Membership is $35/month.

You may cancel your membership at any time. 

How do I cancel my membership if I want to?

Simply let me know that you’re ready to leave the Academy or cancel yourself from your own membership page.

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Before Rachel, we felt a need to leave the house on weekend mornings because otherwise it was chaos at the house. The kids couldn’t just be home playing. They were bickering and complaining.  So we would bring our chaos out into the world.  Now we use our living room and yard to play! We can be home and the kids are having a nice time and Mom and dad can do some chores and play with the kids and just be all together at home. It’s a wonderful change.   

I have really appreciated all the tips! I do believe it’s helped me to interact with my children in a more calm and respectful way. Thank you for helping us achieve some meaningful improvements in our family interactions.

My son has made so much progress.  I constantly refer back to your method.  Other people comment on how much his character has grown.  But most importantly, he himself told me that he doesn’t understand why, but he used to not feel loved.  Like everyone didn’t like him.  And he doesn’t know why he felt that way because now he feels so loved and so special.  What more validation as a mom could I ask for.  Coming to you was a great decision because you helped me make my son FEEL loved, not just BE loved.

Are you ready to experience positive changes in

yourself and your family?

Would you like to ask me anything before joining?

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