Member question:

I need advice on managing screen time. During a now “regular” school day, we have a significant amount of “learning screens” time (ABC Mouse, Prodigy, etc), but then at the end of the day the kids (8 yo especially) still want “free screen” time. It’s hard to restrict one without interfering with the other. But we’re definitely seeing more of a dependence on it.


Rachel’s response:

I’m definitely recommending that parents shift expectations a bit for screen restrictions if it makes your life easier.

One of the things to consider is instead of having putting a limit on screen time, emphasizing “NON screen time” when everyone is NOT on screens… and maybe everyone is connecting at that time. That way, instead of worrying about how much they’re on the screens (which will definitely be more because of school) and restrictions, you’re focusing on making sure they’re getting some healthy, positive time instead!


Member response:

Yup, that mindset worked much better today. There was time allotted for both, so we didn’t have to argue about it. Also was nicer when we all unplugged at the same times, even to take small brain breaks together.