Member Benefits


All members of the Academy have access to the following benefits: 


SOLUTIONS for Improving Behavior, Resilience, and Confidence In Your Children


The Foundational Videos 

  • The short video series, called “Why Is My Child Doing That? And How Can I Get Them to Stop?” reduces parenting overwhelm by offering ONE overall framework that all other tips and tools in the Academy are based upon. The series is accompanied by a PDF that offers a visual representation of how to raise responsible, resilient, confident children.


Resources That Serve as Reminders So You Don’t Fall Back into Old Parenting Patterns

  • Online resources that are available at any time you are struggling in a particular area
  • Live events, including
    • Trainings / Planning sessions where you will learn specific tools and create on-the-spot personalized plans to address a struggle you are facing as a parent
    • Practice sessions where you participate in exercises that reinforce the tips and tools you have learned so they become more natural to you (and you can remember them more easily!) in the moment
    • Q&As where you can bring your personal questions and get solutions on the spot
  • Weekly scripts (emailed to you) that demonstrate the what the parenting strategies look like in real situations. These scripts also include questions that help you apply this information to your situation.


A Private Facebook Group (for Members of the Academy Only)

  • Ask me questions any time
  • Access bite-sized parenting tips
  • Participate in events with guest experts who offer tips and answer your questions


SOLUTIONS to Support YOU As a Parent

  • Texts that provide reminders/motivation that I send to your phone at 5:30PM, Sunday – Friday — the time when you need inspiration the most!
  • Discussions in the Facebook group that offer proof that you are not alone in what you are going through as a parent!
  • “Dump” sessions where you can be real about your Yuck so that you are not parenting from a place that you will later regret
  • Reduced fees on individual consultations ($115 for a 60-minute session instead of $150 for non-members).