I am glad to be able to provide this roadmap + lots of support to help you 

raise responsible, resilient kids (and manage any Yuck that arises).





If we haven’t worked together before (or even if we have and you want a refresher), 

start by watching the foundational video below.

You’ll need to know the concepts in order to make the best use of the other tools below.

Good news: It’s only 23 minutes long, and there are lots of spots where you can pause!)


Once you’ve watched the foundational video, get started on the roadmap for creating your plan for motivating better behavior

Print out the workbook to the right, which includes a template for your personalized plan and all the information you need to go through the step-by-step roadmap below.

Click on the steps (tabs) below to build your plan

Watch this brief introduction to "Your Long Game Plan for Motivating More Responsible Behavior." 

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 Join any of the upcoming live events


 You have access to all of upcoming live events in the Parenting Academy.
Here are some dates to be aware of (I will add to these as new events are added):  

Thursday, April 30, 8:30PM EST
GUEST EXPERT: Becoming a United Front With Your Co-Parent When You Don’t Always Agree
Location: The Parenting Academy private Zoom room: https://zoom.us/j/501286488 


MAY LIVE Age-based discussions / Q&As
(Note: Daytime events changed to Fridays; evening dates added)

Parents of children ages 2-6: FRIDAY, May 1, 12:00PM EST
Parents of children ages 7-10: FRIDAY, May 8, 12:00PM EST
Parents of children ages 2-10: WEDNESDAY, May 20, 8:30PM EST

Parents of children ages 11-18: WEDNESDAY, May 6, 8:30PM EST
Parents of children ages 11-13:
 FRIDAY, May 15, 12:00PM EST
Parents of children ages 14-18: FRIDAY, May 22, 12:00PM EST

LOCATION: RBPA Private Zoom Room: https://zoom.us/j/501286488

We’ll share tips, talk about what you’re going through as a parent, and we’ll talk about how the monthly training applies to YOUR children.