November Collection

Reduce Sibling Fighting

Your kids seem to get along sometimes. But

during other times, they 

…argue about small (and big) issues

…compete over who got more, who needs more, who is better

…say disrespectful things to and about each other

…do whatever they can to get on each other’s nerves 

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Community Conversations

Featured Guest Expert – Toy Store Owner Patrick Harris

Patrick showed so many cool toys for children and adolescents of all ages (including teens!) so that we can take the stress out of trying to figure out what to buy them!

Watch the interview replay.

“I used to think of it in terms of getting my child to behave. Now I think of it as, ‘what does my child need right now to be successful?’ This change of mindset makes parenting a lot less stressful.”
- Parenting Academy Club Member

Common Parenting Challenges

Motivating Responsible Behavior

Help your children do what they’re supposed to do…even when they don’t feel like it!

Handling Big Emotions

Respond effectively to children and adolecent’s (often illogical) emotions and reactions

Supporting Anxious Children

Support your child who worries, avoids, and doesn’t seem comforted by logic or reassurance

Managing Parent Stress

Take action to feel more in control… no matter what is happening around you

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