Question from Member: How do you reduce yuck that’s related to a lot of change: move, baby, parents work, schedule, etc.

Reply from Rachel: It’s hard when these changes are things that can’t be prevented, isn’t? We see their impact and feel bad and sometimes even helpless.

The good news is that kids can handle lots of change. And there are things we can do to make it easier. Please do be assured that lots of kids go through lots of change and turn out great. 1.) Do keep as much structure and routine as you can during a time of change. Even if you’re moving, or if there’s a new baby, you can still have “Friday Night Pizza night” or another ritual that is consistent. Having only one or two small-ish things that stay the same can be very grounding / comforting for kids.

2.) If possible, try to find time for some more lighthearted time. When life is stressful, simply making this type of deposit can be huge. Perhaps playing some board games or just having a “silly face” contest, or playing “Straight Faced Ace” (where everyone tries to make one person laugh). And remember, this is about quality, not quantity.

3.) Do try to touch base with the kids to ask what things are like for them. Kids can truly go through almost anything as long as they have an adult who is listening and loving them through it!

Reply from Member: Thanks, these are great ideas. I still need to have my session with you. We go to the pool and have one night where we get Ice cream truck. With all of his processing issues, change is so hard. We showed him the new house, and he loves to talk to my tummy.