When you join Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy now, you will receive:

*Brief introductory training
(“The Foundation for Raising Responsible, Resilient Kids”)

*Access to Facebook group and live events
*Ask questions any time
*Attend live events (In April, “Managing Mental Clutter” + guest experts on “Hormones and Stress” and “Handling Spouse Disagreements”)
*Live Q&As and discussions with other parents of children of similar ages

*Roadmap for creating  your personalized plan for motivating more responsible behavior in your home 


$1 for the first month
After 30 days, if you’d like you remain a member, you don’t have to do anything and will be upgraded to all benefits of my Parenting Academy for $35/month.
You  may cancel before the 30 days are up. You WILL receive an email reminder before the 30 days.