Supporting Anxious Children


When Your Child Is Anxious Or Worried, Don’t Cheer Them Up. Do This Instead.

What to say to children when they worry — especially when reassurance doesn’t help

Improve Confidence and Reduce Negative Behavior With One Simple Tool

The simple tool that will help your child trust themselves more 

How to Help Your Child Think More Positively

What to do if you want your child to have a better attitude

Phrases and Scripts

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Yuck Release Strategies

Suggestions for how children, adolescents, and adults can handle Yuck in a healthier way…and tips for how and when to practice these strategies 

Helping Children Solve Problems

Reducing children’s anxiety by teaching them how to stop seeing problems… as problems 

Activities to Teach Flexible Thinking

Suggestions for activities to do with children to help them learn that things can turn out differently than they originally planned or hoped 

Podcast Episodes

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