Handling Big Emotions


How to Handle Kids’ Reactions When We Ask Them To Do Something They Don’t Want to Do

A tip for responding to kids’ immature — and sometimes disrespectful — behavior

What Works When Your Child Is in the Middle of Big Emotions or Behaviors

Why the strategies you’ve been trying to address the drama don’t work…and what to do instead

When You Say Something And Your Child Overreacts

What to do when your child has a reaction you weren’t expecting…and don’t understand

Phrases and Scripts

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Yuck Release Strategies

Suggestions for how children, adolescents, and adults can handle Yuck in a healthier way…and tips for how and when to practice these strategies 

Strategies for Easier Transitions

How to teach children to transition more easily (and less dramatically)

Activities to Teach Flexible Thinking

Suggestions for activities to do with children to help them learn that things can turn out differently than they originally planned or hoped 

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