Managing Parent Stress


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Having Trouble Keeping Your Cool? Consider This

What might make it hard for you to stay calm… and what to do about it

Change This One Phrase When Setting Expectations for Yourself to Reduce Your Stress

Use this phrase to set expectations that work for you, not against you 

A Tip to Stay Calm, Even When Kids Don’t Do What You Ask

How to stay in control of your emotions so that your kids’ behavior doesn’t control you 

Phrases and Scripts

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Yuck Release Strategies

Suggestions for how children, adolescents, and adults can handle Yuck in a healthier way…and tips for how and when to practice these strategies 

Deposits for You

Ways to fill YOUR “emotional needs accounts” so that you have less Yuck and feel less stressed

The Behavior-Improving Toolbox

How to teach kids the tools they need to follow the boundaries you set 

Podcast Episodes

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