Motivating Responsible Behavior 


You Don’t Want to Be Permissive, But Punishments Don’t Work. Now What?

Learn why punishments don’t work… and what to do instead to motivate responsible behavior.

Change this ONE Word to Improve Your Influence and Relationship

This simple shift truly does motivate more cooperation — not only from our children, but from everyone in our lives!

How to Get Your Kids To Listen BEFORE The 5th Time You Ask!

Learn why your children really do WAIT before listening to your requests… and to do about it.

Phrases and Scripts

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The Positive Behavior Checklist

A list of what your NEEDS in order to behave positively. Use this when your child is not behaving the way you’d like them to… and you want to figure out why! 

The Behavior-Improving Toolbox

Suggestions for improving skills that your child may struggle with — making transitions, solving problems, regulating emotions

Teaching Kids Ways To Engage So They Don't Misbehave

A long list of ways to incorporate engagement into “boring” tasks… so children can be successful in completing those tasks

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