Reducing Parent Yuck

Use these resources to apply the 4R Formula and to learn tools and strategies to reduce YOUR Yuck as a parent.


Tools to Reduce Your Parenting Yuck

These mini-trainings will offer action steps you can take to start to reduce your Yuck. (These tools can also be found in the REFLECT step of The 4R Method.)

Create your Parenting Avatar
Address your triggers
Set boundaries with confidence
Feel more in control
Change your story to get unstuck
Don’t let others’ Yuck exhaust you



These scripts demonstrate what it looks like to shift your thoughts  so that you feel more in control and respond to situations more effectively.

How to stay calm when your child doesn’t do what you ask


Say This, Not That Phrases

These resources offer suggestions for what you can say to yourself to reduce your Yuck.

Reduce your stress as a parent