Thank you for your interested in building your Personalized Parenting Plan…

I’m excited for you to experience positive changes in your family. 

Once I receive the information below:

  1. I will respond with potential meeting times and we’ll get you scheduled
  2. You’ll receive your pre-session video so you can start fostering change in your home right away
  3. I will send you an Initial Questions form and start building the template for your plan so we can jump in as soon as we mee


Your Plan-Building Session includes...

~ A pre-session video that gives you the foundation you will need to raise responsible, resilient, confident children

~ Our  90-minute live session where we will build your Personalized Parenting Plan together

~ Your Personalized Parenting Plan, a live document (that we can both edit) that lives online and you can access forever

~ One month of access  to the “Individual Support” program to help you implement and modify the strategies we discuss

(Please visit this page for more information.)

The session costs $250. Payment will be collected at time of the session.

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