Start Here (Step-by-Step)

Wondering where to start when it comes to improving kids’ behavior, resilience, and confident?
Here’s a path to take when you want to start turning your kids’ behavior around!


Step 1: Watch the overview

This brief video series will build your general understanding of why kids do the (crazy! frustrating!) things they do and what we need to do if we want to influence change.

[expand title=”‘Why Is My Child Doing That? And How Do I Get Them to STOP?! Video Series”]


Part I: The Foundation

Part II: The Yuck Factor

Part III: The Solution [/expand]


[expand title=”Visual Overview”]

The Key to Dealing With Unwanted Behavior

Handling Behavior In the Moment

Preventing Unwanted Behavior (and Making the In-the-Moment Strategy Easier!) [/expand]


Step 2: Post your questions in the Facebook group and participate in live events to learn more about the strategies mentioned in the foundational videos

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Join in the conversations in the Academy’s private Facebook group

In the group, you’ll also find live events from guest experts and Yuck-reducing programs that we do as a group [/expand]


[expand title=”Live Events”]

Check the home page of this website for dates of upcoming live events including trainings on specific topics, practice sessions (where you practice the tools you’ve learned), and live Q&As. [/expand]


Step 3: Start to make deposits into your kids’ “emotional needs accounts” 

[expand title=”Consider Significance and Control”]

Especially in their relationships with parents, most kids are low in their need for significance and control. (By nature of parenting, we have to make withdrawals in these areas.

Here are two suggestions for how to deposit, but also check out the resource below where you’ll find ways to identify which of your kids’ needs account are low as well as a list of suggestions for how to make deposits into every need. [/expand]


[expand title = “Resources”]

List of Proactive Deposits into Emotional Needs [/expand]


Step 4: Choose 1-2 things to be firm about 

Turn values into rules

Become OK with their emotions



Step 5: Make deposits into you