Question from member: E (6) was sad this week worrying about if our house had a fire and how sad she would be if her stuffies were lost in the fire. We got through it OK — I acknowledged it *would* be sad if that happened, but (knock on wood) it has NOT happened ever to our house, and the ways we act safely to prevent that from happening.

  1. Any pointers I can add if it comes up again?
  2. This makes me so anxious and sad for when she learns about many, many other sad things that can (and are) happening in our world. Any advice on how to prepare for those inevitable situations? (We are both huge empaths and quite sensitive emotionally.)

Reply from Rachel:

Speaking as a sensitive empath myself, I know how difficult this can be!

What I also know is that what “sensitive” kids want the most is for someone to just listen and understand. When I was a therapist, big feeling/ big-hearted kids used to tell me they felt “crazy” sometimes for feeling as strongly as they did… and they wished someone would tell them that they were OK to feel that way!

So I’d stick with listening and being there for her. A phrase I also love to use is “You never have to be alone with your feelings.” You can also ask her if there’s anything she needs, as you always have her back!