Your Long Game Plan: 
Fostering Resilience in Anxious

Kids and Teens


….Even When What You’ve Tried Before Hasn’t Worked!

In this online training, you’ll learn a step-by-step strategy for

reducing kids’ worries and teaching them how to cope effectively when facing changes or challenges.

Finally, feel confident that your kids will start to believe in and rely on themselves. 

This training is for you if you want to…

Understand the TRUE cause of your child’s anxiety (it’s not what you think!) so that you feel more in control of the situation


Know how to respond effectively (what to say and do) to our child’s concerns, especially when logic and reassurance don’t work

Teach your child coping strategies (so that they know how to calm themselves down)… and how to make sure they use those strategies!

Help your child see situations as less “threatening” to begin with (so they can face them with confidence) 


Follow a step-by-step strategy to create your personalized plan for making all of this happen… so you see  results that LAST!

Your classes have changed the way we parent, and our parenting has changed the way our kids act and feel about themselves. The steps you teach make sense, and we were able to implement them even in our busy lives. We’re really grateful.

J.P., Dad of 2

I was so worried about my daughter. Every time she had to do something new, she worried, and her worries kept her stuck. With Rachel’s help, we finally figured out how to help her get unstuck! 

T.G., Mom of 1

What You Get


  • 3 video lessons that add up to a total of about an hour of instruction time. 

  • Activities that help you apply the information in the videos to your situation.

  • A step-by-step strategy for building your personalized long-term plan for getting kids to listen.

    No more results that only last for a few weeks!

  • An option to receive personal answers to your questions about the class from Rachel 

  • A free month in Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy for additional parenting resources & support to stay on track

Thank you, Rachel, for giving us strategies that were actionable and practical! 

T.T., Dad of 3

How It Works
(Once Class Is Available)


Register here for “Your Parenting Long Game: How to Foster Resilience in Anxious Kids”

(Special price: $67 for Parenting Academy members)



Immediately upon registration, you will receive the access to the entire training.

(You don’t have to complete the training in one sitting. But it’s designed so that you can!)



Once you’ve used the step-by-step instructions to complete your planRachel will answer your questions

and you will receive access to the Parenting Academy for a month for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in this class?

In this class, you’ll learn the skills you need to support and foster resilience in your anxious child. First, you’ll learn what’s really going on inside an anxious brain. Then you’ll learn how to find coping strategies that ACTUALLY work for your child… and how to make sure they use them. You’ll also learn strategies to improve your child’s resilience (so they don’t worry as much to begin with), as well as exactly what to say and do in those moments when they still need support.  

What if my child doesn't seem to want help?

Ironically, most children resist help when they’re struggling the most. You’ll learn first how to address their struggle… before introducing any new “tools” that they are likely to resent or ignore. 

How much does this training cost?

The training costs $97. 

With that comes all of your videos, activities, and the step-by-step process for creating your personalized parenting plan. 
Plus, when you complete the plan and sent it to Rachel, you will also receive her direct answers to your questions (to put this in perspective, an hour-long session with her is $200) and a free month in the Parenting Academy (worth $35). 

Does it matter how old my child is?

This class is appropriate for parents of children ages 3-18. (And actually, the techniques you learn in this class will help adults with anxiety as well.) 

How long will this class take to complete?

The training is composed of about 1 hour of instructional time. There are also activities (including creating your personalized plan) that you are encouraged to complete.

The entire training,  including activities, shouldn’t take more than two hours to finish. There are also plenty of places to pause throughout the training if you choose not to do it in one sitting.

Can my spouse take this class with me?

Absolutely! In fact, this is highly recommended. 

The class was created so that you can fill out the activities together or separately (and coming together to discuss your thoughts). Over the years, Rachel has helped many couples get on the same page by using the strategies that are discussed in this training.

If you’re ready to stop worrying about your child by teaching them how to be more resilient,

build your personalized plan using practical strategies that LAST.

It’s time for positive change.