Your Long Game Plan:

Lose Your Cool Less 

….Even When What You’ve Tried Before Hasn’t Worked!

In this online training, you’ll learn a step-by-step strategy for

keeping your cool as a parent, no matter what is going on around you. 

Finally reduce the guilt and regret over how you respond to your kids!

This training is for you if you want to…

Feel more in control of your emotions, even when your kids aren’t behaving the way you want them to

Reduce the power of your triggers so you’re not relying on willpower (and other exhausting strategies) to hold it together


Create more predictability in how you respond to your child (so they don’t worry about what kind of mood you’ll be in)

Know how to align your responses with your values so you can be the parent you want to be… and feel so much less guilty


Follow a step-by-step strategy to create your personalized plan for making all of this happen… so you see  results that LAST!

Your classes have changed the way we parent, and our parenting has changed the way our kids act and feel about themselves. The steps you teach make sense, and we were able to implement them even in our busy lives. We’re really grateful.

J.P., Dad of 2

I used to go to sleep at night feeling awful about how I’d interacted with my kids. Now I know how to control myself… and honestly, just doing that made my kids behave better.

K.B., Mom of 4

What You Get


  • 3 video lessons that add up to a total a little more than an hour of instruction time. 

  • Activities that help you apply the information in the videos to your situation.

  • A step-by-step strategy for building your personalized long-term plan for getting kids to listen.

    No more results that only last for a few weeks!

  • An option to receive personal answers to your questions about the class from Rachel 

  • A free month in Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy for additional parenting resources & support to stay on track


We thought we didn’t have time for something like this. Ha! Getting this help saved me us much time — and heartache — in the long run. 

F.K., Mom of 2

How It Works


Register for “Your Parenting Long Game: How to Stay Calmer as a Parent” ($97)



Immediately upon registration, you will receive the access to the entire training.

(You don’t have to complete the training in one sitting. But it’s designed so that you can!)



Once you’ve used the step-by-step instructions to complete your planRachel will answer your questions

and you will receive access to the Parenting Academy for a month for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in this class?

In this class, you’ll learn the skills you need to get control of your emotions when it comes to parenting (and everything else in your life!). First, you’ll learn the science behind why we lose our cool. Then you’ll learn how to diffuse your triggers so what’s happening around you doesn’t upest you so much. You’ll also make a plan to follow in the moment when you are faced with frustrating situations… AND how you can make it more likely that that plan will work (even when what you’ve tried before hasn’t!). 

What if I'm overwhelmed even outside of parenting?

Chances are, you ARE overwhelmed outside of parenting; that’s what’s making you lose your cool when (you know, deep down) that your kids are acting like kids! In this class, we’ll also talk about how to address some of the other issues in your life so that they don’t affect how you interact with your kids — and you can finally get rid of some of that guilt you’re carrying around with you. 

How much does this training cost?

The training costs $97. 

With that comes all of your videos, activities, and the step-by-step process for creating your personalized parenting plan. 
Plus, when you complete the plan and sent it to Rachel, you will also receive her direct answers to your questions (to put this in perspective, an hour-long session with her is $200) and a free month in the Parenting Academy (worth $35). 

Does it matter how old my children are?

This class is appropriate for parents of children of any age. The strategies you learn will apply to situations outside of parenting as well. 

How long will this class take to complete?

The training is composed of about 1 hour of instructional time. There are also activities (including creating your personalized plan) that you are encouraged to complete.

The entire training,  including activities, shouldn’t take more than two hours to finish. There are also plenty of places to pause throughout the training if you choose not to do it in one sitting.

Can my spouse take this class with me?

Absolutely! In fact, this is highly recommended. 

The class was created so that you can fill out the activities together or separately (and coming together to discuss your thoughts). Over the years, Rachel has helped many couples get on the same page by using the strategies that are discussed in this training.

If you’re ready to feel more in control of your emotions (and your parenting),

build your personalized plan using different strategies that LAST.

It’s time for positive change.

That change can happen now.